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“AI4FEMALES” is a project aiming to create innovative tools for role-model education and fighting of stereotypes and gender discrimination in the field of STEM using as a vehicle the need to acquire new digital skills in AIOT technologies.

The cooperative creation of tools with inclusion of different partners ranging from University, VET schools, researchers, teachers and NGO which include both science communicators and digital designers ensures both the quality of the tools to be designed but also the dissemination of the project to the target groups especially teachers and young students which will be part of the project.


Title: Theoretical issues in the field of artificial intelligence Internet of Things (AIoT) tailored to the curricula in VET schools.


Devices Theoretical Topic (CKZ)

IoT Open Platform Theoretical Topic (BLUEBEEHIVE)

AI Platform Theoretical Topic (NTUA)

IoT Cybersegurity Theoretical Topic (ARP)

IoT Protocols Theoretical Topic (DONBOSCO)

AI APIs Theoretical Topic (CEPROF)


Title: Women/girls in STEM fields - education methodology.

Second result is about preparation of a ‘’Methodological Guide’’ for providing women role models and fighting stereotypes and working for inclusion and education for equality in the selection of technical careers. It will include defining and evaluating of existing tools about women Role in STEM that impact positively and empower females’ stem interest; researching and telling about educational tools that can improve students’ role model image and STEM interest; evaluation and determination of MOOCs platform for education.


Title: Digital toolkit for attractive demonstrators for women/girls based on artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (AIoT).

RESULT 3 is focused on development of AIOT female attractive demonstrators toolkit, easy to be implemented in VET Schools that they can use on PRIMARY/SECONDARY SCHOOLS using METHODOLOGY as a complementary tool.

In this RESULTS, All school Will implement at least 3 different Female demonstrators scenarios formatted on a Toolkit set. To develop this RESULT all schools will be supported by technical partners BB and NTUA. NTUA Will support schools on using AIOT Platform. BB will add will add a feminine touch to the demonstrators by advising and reorienting them and helping on AI4FEMALES methodology application.

Final stage of this RESULT will have a validation step, where all VET schools will visit PRIMARY/SECONDARY schools where VET students will teach PRIMARY/SECONDARY students about AIOT and also showing DEMOSTRATORS working.


Title: An educational platform related to artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (AIoT) and massive open online courses (MOOC).

E-learning MOOC and free to use AIOT Platform which will support teachers to learn about the AIOT (from result 1) including women methodology (result 2) and AIOT female attractive demonstrators that will be converted to digital scenarios to easy replicate (result3).

NTUA Will develop an AIOT Platform with different Artificial Intelligence elements easy to be implemented on demonstrators (object recognition, voice,…), also this result also Will complement as a educational tool from MOOC (developed by BB) and it will elaborate clearly digital content on ways that teachers can use them to empower or get aware their students. It will also give space for interaction with the community of educators and teachers.